Wood Burning Stoves can be the cheapest type of heating for your home, if used properly they can cut your home heating bill by up to 90%.

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Asgard 6kW Stove

Our Wood Burning Stove Guide shows how to achieve this.

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Wood Burning Stoves And The Environment

Renewable & Sustainable:

Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels that can be used. It is a virtually carbon-neutral, sustainable and renewable energy source.

We plant new trees to replace those felled for fuel, the more we fell the more we plant so demand is always met, with no depletion of resources.

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Neutral Carbon Footprint

This cycle of planting trees means that as CO2 is released into the atmosphere by burning today's harvest it is taken out of the air by the growing trees of tomorrows harvest. By planting more trees than we burn we move from a Carbon neutral to a Carbon negative fuel source.

Standard Assessment procedures (SAP) for home Energy Efficiency Certification (EPC) Rate correctly dried wood fuel (below 20% moisture) at  0.008kg of carbon per kilowatt compared with 0.198kg for gas, 0.274kg for oil and 0.517kg for electricity.

Wood Burning Stoves And The Future

The Government View:

The UK government recognises that all wood burning is not the same and that their desired reduction in particulate matter (PM) emissions under The Clean Air Strategy 2018 will be achieved by:

  • The installation of Ecodesign Ready stoves.
  • Correct maintenance of household stoves.
  • Burning logs that have a moisture content below 20%.

The Government is not planning to ban wood burning stoves, instead, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is working alongside the industry to ensure that consumers use the cleanest stoves and the cleanest fuel.

Wood Burning Stoves are here to stay and are part of the long-term energy strategy for the UK.

Get Winter Ready - Get a Calor Gas Heater:

Whatever method you use to heat your home you will need a portable heater as back up in case of failure of your heating system

Power cuts mean gas, electric and oil fired central heating will not work.

Flooding means your gas supply can be contaminated or wood burning stove waterlogged.

A Calor Gas heater is a self-contained portable unit which carries its own fuel, it does not need an electricity supply and can be used anywhere.

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