Wood Burning Stoves can be the cheapest type of heating for your home, if used properly they can cut your home heating bill by up to 90%.

wood burning stove advice the Asgard 6kW Danish wood burning stove

Asgard 6kW Stove

Our Wood Burning Stove Guide shows how to achieve this.

Then browse through our recommended range of wood burning stoves to start saving money now.

Get Winter Ready - Get a Calor Gas Heater:

Whatever method you use to heat your home you will need a portable heater as a backup in case of failure of your heating system.

Power cuts mean gas, electric and oil-fired central heating will not work.

Flooding means your gas supply can be contaminated or wood-burning stove waterlogged.

A Calor Gas heater is a self-contained portable unit that carries its own fuel, it does not need an electricity supply and can be used anywhere.

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